Ravishankar College of Pharmacy, Bhopal

Animal House

The animal house is well set upped according to CPCSEA guidelines. It has constructed with air conditioned with controlled humidity to provide appropriate facilities from animal breeding to housing for experimentation.

House Facility in RCOP
The Animal House Facility consist of-
(a) Animal Quarantine Room
(b) Animal Housing Room
(c) Animal Breeding Room
(d) Experimental Room
(e) Record keeping Room
(f) Store Room for drugs and chemicals
(g) Stoke room: for cage, husk feed and feeding bottles
(h) Sanitation area
(i) Waste Disposable area
(j) Disposable Pit for Animal disposal

Animals Housing Facility in RCOP
Albino rats White rat (Rattus norvegicus) is the commonest laboratory animal used in experimental pharmacology. Rats are easy to breed and maintain. Rats being small in size resemble men in several organ function and nutrition, and sensitive to most drugs. Albino mouse-White mice are the smallest laboratory animals used. Mice are also easy to breed and maintain due their small size they are easy to handle. They are sensitive to most of the drugs which are used in experimental pharmacology. Usually used in study of toxicity, bioassay, analgesic testing, CNS active drug and chemotherapeutic agents.
Rabbit- Inbreed rabbit are generally used for pyrogen testing. Some of the tissue or organs from rabbits are also used like heart, aorta, duodenum and ileum